Active Defense System

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: Active Defense System
Item Browser Active Defense System CBM
Materials steel / plastic
Volume 10
Weight 2.041 kg
As a Bionic
Name Active Defense System
Difficulty 7
Toggled true
Act Cost 10
React Cost 10
Time 1
Price $ 9,500
Locations bionics_op, bionics, bionics_mil
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 8
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 A thin forcefield surrounds your body, continually draining power. Anything attempting to penetrate this field has a chance of being deflected at the cost of more energy. Melee attacks will be stopped more often than bullets. 
This item is a Compact Bionics Module installed by activating the CBM item in your inventory. Installation has a medium chance of genetic damage, blood loss, or damage to existing bionics based on intelligence, electronics, first aid, mechanics, and the MD profession.

This is an activated CBM, it costs 10 bionic power to activate, costs 10 every 1 turn(s) while active, can be toggled on and off, and can be viewed on the bionics menu (p). More details on bionics JSON flags here.
Found¹in a chance from butchering a zombie bio-operator corpse, in a 1% drop from zombie scientist, spawn in labs, in a 1% drop by a zombie bio-operator, spawn in a bunker, and nowhere else.

Can be removed by having a cutting tool, a first aid kit, and accessing the bionics menu (p). Some bionics can also be disassembled (() to obtain burnt out bionics if you have a soldering iron (20) OR integrated toolset (20), 1 tool with screw driving quality of 1, and the electronics (7) and first aid (5) skill required.

1. ^ Sometimes found in different spawn locations in one map section.


While active, consumes energy fairly rapidly, and drains an additional 1 power when any damage is dealt to the player. Reduces bash damage by 1-8 point and reduces cut damage by 0-4 points. Climbing through broken windows can deal damage as well. If damage is reduced far enough, it can nullify damage entirely.