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[ backpack
Item Browser backpack
Materials cotton
Encumbrance 10
Volume 8
Weight 633 gr
Warmth 5
Storage 40
Coverage 30%
Covers torso
Bash Protect 3
Cut Protect 3
Envir Protect 0
Acid Protect 9
Price 390 $
As a Weapon
Bash Dmg 0
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 A small backpack, good storage for a little encumbrance. 

This is a light clothing item made of cotton which covers 30% of your torso, and which has moderate storage capacity. It is somewhat bulky, encumbers you a bit, and will keep the areas it covers barely warm.

It offers very low protection against bashing attacks and very low protection against cutting ones (that includes bullets), while offering no protection from environmental hazards .

It this item can be strapped onto you.

This clothing item can be repaired, fitted (if appropriate) and reinforced via the tailoring skill, by using a sewing kit or bone needle and rags.

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Considered by most to be a vital part of any survival plans, a backpack gives a large amount of storage for 10 encumberment. Its big brother, the military rucksack, provides more storage but more encumberment as well.