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A bleeding wound will cause the wounded body part to continually lose hit points, while leaving a bloody trail behind. If the bleeding body part is the torso or head you might eventually die from it.

The enemy most often encountered with the ability to cause this type of wounds is the common bear and wolf (check the item browser on the enemies page and look for the ones with the BLEED flag, in the experimental version the IMPALE tag also causes bleeding).

An infected bodypart is red in the interface, and shows up in the @ player info screen as 'Bleeding (body part)'. It is usually accompanied by some pain.

You can stop a bleeding wound in several ways:

Diseases and other effects
Weather Effects Glare · Wet · Body temperature problems
Sickness Infection · Low immunity diseases · Food Parasites · Tetanus
Trait Effects Adrenaline Spike · Asthma
Field Effects Smoke · On Fire · Tear gas · Webbed · Sap-coated · Slimed
Attack Effects Bleeding · Deaf · Blind · Stunned · Downed · Poison · Spores · Boomered · Insect Parasite · Ratting · Pain
Drug Effects Shakes · Minor Painkiller · Moderate Painkiller · Opiate · Slow-Release Painkiller · Alcohol · Nicotine · High · Methamphetamine · Iodine Tablets · Xanax · Prozac · Hallucinating
Other Effects Amigara obsession · Blech · Broken limb · Contact lenses · Evil · Netherworld attention · Plant Blech · Radiation · Sleep · Stem cell treatment · Teleglow