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Pisskop's Rebalancing Mod

Pisskop's Rebalancing Mod, also known as 'PRM' or 'PKs reimagining Mod', is a mod developed by forum user Pisskop. It began as a small creature addition pack, and expanded to alter spawn lists to allow more zombies to spawn. When that proved successful at making the game harder, it further expanded to add more factions, monsters, and eventually items and locations. It make full use of the mechanics available to json editing, and is only limited by the experience of the creator.

The formal purpose of the modification is to "Make the game more brutal and combat intensive while still preserving the general lore of the core game". The mod as such seeks to expand the lore of the game, not replace it, though only carefully chosen aspects of the mod are integrated into the core game. The mod has successfully added creatures and locations to the core game.

Development of the mod is limited to part-time, though is still active. Criticisms, praise, suggestions and submissions are all welcome via email, pm, forum, or any other means. PRM and guides produced for it have resulted in the rebalancing of major mechanics, such as the car building system, fires, clothing, early game random resources, weapon mounting, and combat.

 PRM is available in its 'beta test' form on the C:DDA Forums, and as a core game mod that requires no downloading.

For more information see the main mod wiki page Pisskop's Rebalancing Mod.


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