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, lighter
Item Browser lighter
Materials plastic / iron
Volume 0
Weight 14 gr
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (100 / 100)
Duration 0turns
Price 0.35 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 0
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 A tool. 

 A lighter must be carried to use various drugs, like cigarettes, or to light things like molotov cocktails. You can also use a lighter to light nearby items on fire. 

Lighters are a common and useful item to have in your inventory. Taking up no space and with enough charges for a full game, these are one of the more convenient tools you can find. applying it will prompt you to choose a direction in which to light something. A lighter or matchbook is also necessary to use some items such as cannabis and molotov cocktails.

They can be used, along with a knife, to cauterize wounds.