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Lists of comestibles

  • Thirst and hunger go up by 1 every 5 minutes (50 turns); so a quench of 12 lasts for 1 hour (600 turns). This can be changed by Bionics such as the Recycler Unit, or mutations such as the Light Eater trait.
  • Quench MAY be less than zero — salt water and liquor make you thirstier.
  • For rot measurements (spoils), it is hours after the item's creation. For most other things (including painkillers), it is measured in turns; 10 turns = 1 minute.
  • One stimulation point lasts for 5 minutes, also comestibles with caff effect decrease fatigue for 3 points per one stimulation point.
  • Actual spoilage time depends on ambient temperature, stopping completely in freezing temperature.
  • Crafted food is created roughly as fresh as the average of all perishable ingredients used (the remaining freshness is rescaled to new spoil time).
  • Prices are only for the vending machine levels, they might have a higher and lower price when bartering.
  • Fun can also depend on traits and mutations. A cannibal eating human flesh gets a lot more fun out of eating.
  • Most drinks come in containers, and cannot be drunk of the floor.
  • Most meds have 0 volume and weight.

Item Browser

You can also check the Item Browser for a list of Drinks, Food and meds.