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A list of the developers of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. While it tries to be as exhaustive as possible some names might have been left out. If so, feel free to update this page accordingly.

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If you want to become a developer yourself check this section below. If you want to contribute in a different way, that is also possible

Core Developers


Kevin Granade

Programmer and co-creator of the original Cataclysm mod who also revises GitHub pulls and does tons of other ungrateful stuff. He claims to have vivid recurrent nightmares of him working on making planes not crash. So vivid that he uses to suddenly wake up while yelling "No more money, please! Nooooo!". Poor chap.

Angela "Rivet-the-Zombie" Graves

Content creator and self-taught programmer responsible for adding items, bionics, traits and mutations, animals, monsters, recipes, and bug fixes. Has been connected to the mysterious Rivtech company. If you encounter some item in your DDA experience, there's a pretty good chance Rivet made it. We do not call her work Legion, because there is much more of it than that.

Christian "i2amroy" Buskirk

Content creator and partially self-taught programmer. Handles lots of behind the scenes reworking of old systems and attempts to keep the github issue list organized. Responsible for the current weight and money systems and many aspects of the fungaloid menace.


Code Wrangler. If there's infrastructural code in the game, he's probably touched it and made it better at some point. Bugs fixed in 48 hours or your money back. Rumors that he is a sentient AI (just look at his avatar!) have been dismissed as made-up nonsense.


A stealthy dev who thought minimizing the amount of times xe touches the code ("Just importing stuff from Goon Days Ahead, don't mind me") would keep xem under the metaphoric radar. Too bad xe's also the engineer driving our build machine. It is not by will alone that we set DDA in motion. It is by the Linode of Narc that code acquires speedy compilation, compilation acquires hosting. The hosting attracts a playerbase. It is not by will alone that we set DDA in motion.

Sean "ChestHole" Osman

Provides the ChestHole tilesets and soundsets, hosts the item browser, and this wiki.


Kevin "GlyphGryph" McKayven

Master and commander of this and any other website related to Cataclysm: DDA. Yes, all of them. Even those who he doesn't host. He also coded some over-powered critters whenever the playerbase started to forget what their position in the Pyramid of Cataclysm Life is. All hail the GlyphGryph. Still active in web maintenance and Kickstarter fulfillment, but no longer a developer.

Sean "GalenEvil" McLaughlin

The guy who was finally hired with the funds from Kickstarter. He's the underdog. The kid waiting in the sideline while been bullied by the older guys. He's now in the big league. And he surely won't disappoint us. Bless him. Update: He did.

Zachary "Whales" Jenkins

Creator of the original Cataclysm game. He actually was never directly involved with either the mod or this branch of the game. His inclusion in this list has nothing to do with that mysterious threatening letter that arrived just a minute ago.

"The Darkling Wolf"

Co-creator of the original Cataclysm mod that lead to this branch, or expansion, or game, or... well, to this. Once his main goal was accomplished he disappeared back into the woods, knowing that his evil masterplan of creating an extremely addicting... something... was well underway. Legend says that he will come back once the entire Earth population is under this mind-controlling device of a game.

Ethan "Soron" Kaminski

The developer intended to be hired with the funds from the Kickstarter campaign, who went MIA while it was running. Some people start to wonder if he ever existed. Or was he an alter-ego of The Darkling Wolf, known for loving to toy with simple souls?


Content creator, self-taught programmer, and resident Chief Doctor of Mutation Sciences. Responsible for most of the mutations, mutation copy editing, mutation thresholds/addiction, the martial arts systems, and loads of bug fixes. Probably even more than is listed here, this guy keeps really busy!

Other Developers

This is a list of the rest of developers for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. For a more up to date and exhaustive list you can also check this page in Ohloh.

  1. 1942rob - bugfixes, many, many bugfixes.
  2. acidia - lots of new buildings, areas, quests and related critters
  3. andclayton - optics and scopes
  4. atomicdryad - Menu infrastructure, debugging features, closest newly spotted monster becomes the default target for f, savegame conversion throughout the versions, and much more.
  5. CIB - JSON saving/loading, Lua Leader
  6. gmcnew - narrower sidebar option
  7. ianestrachan - memorial file on character death; JSON traits and mutations
  8. NaturesWitness - Heatblades (Shishkebab through Flammenschwert), advanced-MA-at-chargen traits, FOODCO Kitchen Buddy
  9. nickboom1 - laser pistol and new medicinal items.
  10. OzoneH3 - options rewrite, rain and hit animations, V menu.
  11. phaethonfire - makes Intelligence more important for installing bionics
  12. placeybordeaux - the V now displays items closest first, going clockwise, lots of code cleanup.
  13. Voker57 - various balance changes, bug fixes and crafting recipes
  14. Tamunshin - mutation category based dreams
  15. utunnels - a Play Now! option; SDL performance fixes, lots and lots of i18n support.
  16. Williham "Wito" Totland - President of DoubleTech Industries. Swimming pools, safes, Power armor, craftable CBMs, initial JSONization (skills), Matrix-like martial-arts manuals, and more.
  17. Zireael07 - plastic items crafting & chemistry set
  18. fergus-dall - Lots and lots and lots of bugfixes.
  19. zpmorgan - Vehicle physics
  20. yobbobanana - Lots of i18 work, particularly infrastructure and organizing translators.
  21. origamiwolf - DinoCat mod, lots of survival-oriented content.
  22. benjamg - NPC enhancements, infrastructure work leading to Z-level support, dynamic lighting.
  23. Shoes01 - Body temperature tracking, lots of clothes.
  24. Oddzball - Monster enhancement, original classic zombie code.
  25. FunnyMan3595 - Crafting fixes, morale adjustments, review and merge.
  26. quietust - Lots of windows compatability work.
  27. ejseto - Advanced CBMs
  28. InfernoZeus
  29. herbertjones - Vehicle handling performance enhancements.
  30. mattkelr
  31. tasetase - JSONized monster groups.
  32. Stevensonz - Lots of content, highlights are crossbows, guns, and lockpicks.
  33. gim913 - Windows console support, dynamic lighting.
  34. Soyweiser - NPC cleanups, bugfixes, the Shoggoth and a lot more.
  35. odd2k
  36. Catacstone - Many bugfixes.
  37. BurnZeZ - Adjustable screen width!!!!
  38. Vollch - Many bugfixes, separated furniture from terrain, road generation fixes.
  39. ZwodahS - Recrafting, Advanced inventory /
  40. macrosblackd
  41. daftfad - Spawning fixes, construction menu fixes, makefile cleanup.
  42. goron111
  43. Stone94 - Profession additions.
  44. hovatterz
  45. elricsfate - Leading the charge against boring descriptions.
  46. TireExaminer - Field handling rework, monster navigation crash.
  47. MattAmmann - Build fixes, window prying.
  48. Madrawn
  49. Alpha16 - Funnels, sling and slingshot.
  50. Skyyrunner - Fixed fling from vehicle code.
  51. AkrionXxarr - Code cleanups.
  52. uzername - Mapgen enhancements.
  53. Uneron
  54. somerandomlogin - Several crash fixes, rotatable headlights.
  55. Dirkkun - New animals, books, build fixes.
  56. iank - Terminal autosize on linux/mac, View kill stats in-game, Fix throwing bug
  57. veryinky - Lots of content fixes, death from starvation/thirst.
  58. Xantrim - Build and ncurses fixes, funnel handling fix.
  59. Izicata - Item handling and distance calculation fixes.
  60. darth-servo
  61. delebota - Firecrackers and snares.
  62. teh-sam - Matchbook.
  63. masecknotrealname - Formatted mapgen methods, this is a massive modding feature.
  64. jjs2
  65. dholmes215 - Refrigerator deconstruction.
  66. Alien-AV - Rendering fixes and windows support.
  67. Zaweri - FMJ ammunition.
  68. fs0 - Code style issues.
  69. Justice- - Leather vest and windows icon handling.
  70. Idorobots
  71. ErdrickXLII - Fixed desks spawning outside
  72. Savidiy
  73. Reaper42 - Tailoring fixes, horde mechanic prototyping. Fear The Reaper.
  74. Hourousha - Modding documentation and added skills to professions.
  75. jbfink - Typo fixes.
  76. adzeitor
  77. shmup
  78. notquitethere - New items.
  79. sww
  80. jkaessens
  81. Yrnyx
  82. zeroDivisible - Build fix.
  83. Xommers - Toggleable bionics.
  84. lethosor - Fix broken link.
  85. doublej472 - Typo fix.
  86. neckro - Typo fix.
  87. bxshi
  88. Carn
  89. Abalieno - Windows compile fix.
  90. richwalm - Fixes a bug were an invalid item may be compared, possibly causing a segfault.
  91. nanorumMETALLICUS - prevent "cut yourself" message if no damage.
  92. Sergio Duran "sheco" - dynamic examine menu when interacting with vehicles, web item browser.
  93. werty1124 - Colored map notes, bug fixes
  94. David "Davek" Keaton - bug fixes, deathcam, Makefile fixes, being naughty

Becoming a developer

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is an open source game, so anybody is invited to participate in its development.

To learn more about how to contribute you can start by checking this subforum. You might find this thread particularly useful. The developers IRC channel can also be a good starting point. You can also contact people on the CDDA discord channel. Or you can dive right in at github.

More useful information is on the Contributing page, and the file on github.