E-Ink Tablet PC

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; E-Ink Tablet PC
Item Browser E-Ink Tablet PC
Materials plastic
Volume 1
Weight 250 gr
As a Tool
Ammo Type none
Price 0 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 0
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit +0
 A tablet PC using an efficient color e-ink display. Before the cataclysm, these were nifty gadgets; now, it's an almost priceless resource. Runs on conventional batteries. 


A rare priceless tablet pc. Can be used to read SD-memory cards. Stores the content of the SD-memory card on the internal storage. Can decrypt encrypted memory cards if you have enough computer skill.

Memory cards can contain recipes, photos, music. You can upload these unto the device. And use them whenever you want. Uses batteries.

You can even upload your own photos on a SD-card using a camera and store those on the Tablet. Gotta catch them all!

Final bonus point, it also acts as a watch. E-Ink Tablets, get one today!