Gas station

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^>v< gas station
See Cost 5
Extras building

Has gasoline pumps out front, which are a significant source of gasoline as well as being explosive. There's always a toilet in the back left room.

As of 0.5, gas stations can be found alone on long stretches of road as well as in cities.

Some gas stations require you to pay with cash cards, and there are also old non automated gas stations around. The automated ones usually have more fuel.

Gas stations may have vending machines and cash machines, where you may transfer credit from the cash cards commonly found as zombie drops and purchase from a vending machine that can hold quite a lot of food and drink.

To use the automated gas machines, you must activate the console on either side of the row of machines and select a gas machine. After doing so, purchase units of gas and pump the gas, either into a vehicle or into a container on your person.


Gas stations can spawn road items out front.

Inside a gas station, you might find:




Skill magazines and non-skill books. See books.