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Stats that are as important as the default ones but are hidden for gameplay reasons.

The exact values aren't usually shown to the player, but their global effects on the character are displayed when needed (Thirsty, Tired, etc).


Default value: 0 | Min value: -- | Max value: 6000

Hunger < 0 Full
Hunger > 40 Hungry
Hunger > 80 Very hungry
Hunger > 300 Famished
Hunger > 1400 Near starving
Hunger > 2800 Starving!
How does it increase? (Not a complete list)
  • Every 5 minutes (50 turns) it will increase by one point.
  • A character with a Metabolic Interchange bionic and hunger below 100 will increase hunger by 2 each 5 turns.
  • A character with the chemical imbalance trait has a small chance each turn of becoming full for a slow amount ("You suddenly suddenly feel a little full.") or hungry ("You suddenly feel hungry.").
  • Eating food or drinking liquids that increase your hunger.
  • Vomiting will increase it by a random value depending on your hunger (the more hungry, the smaller the increase)
How does it decrease?
  • Eating food or drinking liquids that nourish you
  • Characters with the leaves mutation have a chance of reducing hunger by one point when in sunlight
  • Characters with the Expanded Digestive System bionic can reduce hunger even further when eating

Hunger levels above 100 will impact your speed negatively.

Eating beyond Full level can make you vomit, unless you have the gourmand trait.

You will stop eating automatically when your hunger level is below -20 (-60 for characters with gourmand trait) ("You can't finish it all!").

If you don't reduce your hunger regularly you can eventually die:

  • Hunger 3000: You'll be warned ("You haven't eaten in over a week!")
  • Hunger 4000: You'll be warned ("You are STARVING!")
  • Hunger 5000: You'll be warned ("Food...")
  • Hunger 6000: You die ("You have starved to death.")


Default value: 0 | Min value: -- | Max value: 1200

Thirst < 0 Slaked
Thirst > 40 Thirsty
Thirst > 80 Very thirsty
Thirst > 240 Dehydrated
Thirst > 520 Parched
How does it increase? (Not a complete list)
  • Every 5 minutes (50 turns) it will increase by one point.
  • A character with the chemical imbalance trait has a small chance each turn of becoming a little thirstier ("You suddenly feel thirsty.").
  • Eating food or drinking liquids that increase your thirst.
  • Vomiting will increase it a random value depending on your thirst (the greater the thirst, the smaller the increase)
  • Every 300 turns when having the flu
  • When your body temperature is too high
How does it decrease?
  • Eating food or drinking liquids that quench you.

Thirst levels of Thirsty and above will impact your speed negatively.

You will stop drinking automatically when your thirst level is below -20 (-60 for characters with gourmand trait) ("You can't finish it all!").

If you don't reduce your thirst regularly you can eventually die:

  • Thirst 600: You'll be warned ("You haven't had anything to drink in 2 days!")
  • Thirst 800: You'll be warned ("You are THIRSTY!")
  • Thirst 1000: You'll be warned ("4 days... no water..")
  • Thirst 1200: You die ("You have died of dehydration.")

Food in stomach

Default value: 0

How does it increase?
  • Consuming food adds its nutrition value to food in stomach
How does it decrease?
  • Every 5 minutes decreases by 20% or 10 points, whichever is more (unless it's less than 10, then it's zeroed)
  • Vomiting brings it back to zero
  • When vomiting, entire value of food in stomach is added to hunger

There's also a second variable - water in stomach. It works the same way but for thirst. Vomiting causes both to get added to respective values and zeroed.


In the experimental version there are now vitamin levels in food. And vitamin levels in players.


In the experimental version there is a stamina level. You slowly regain it over time, and it reduces when you do straining things, like fight, or run (via the " ), or anything else that makes you go out of breath. If you have low stamina, some actions take longer to accomplish. There are various ways to increase or decrease your maximum stamina, such as the Languorous and, Indefatigable traits. And other mutations such as extreme metabolism increase the rate at which you regain stamina.

For more details see Stamina.


Default value: 0 | Min value: -- | Max value: 1000

Fatigue > 191 Tired
Fatigue > 383 Dead tired
Fatigue > 575 Exhausted
How does it increase? (Not a complete list)
  • Every 5 minutes (50 turns) it will increase by one point. Various traits and mutations can affect this.
  • A character with the chemical imbalance trait has a small chance each turn of becoming fatigued for a low amount ("You feel fatigued all of a sudden.").
  • Every 50 turns when having a common cold
  • Occasionally when suffering a nicotine craving.
How does it decrease?

Your character will sleep on their own if you don't make them sleep regularly:

  • Fatigue >= 192: You'll be warned every 50 turns ("You're feeling tired. Press '$' to lie down for sleep.") and will be prompted if in the middle of an activity ("You're feeling tired.")
  • Fatigue > 383, (Dead tired and above): You'll take stat penalties as a "disease", with encouragement to sleep.
  • Fatigue > 575 (Exhaustedand above): You'll randomly microsleep. These won't markedly help your fatigue but can be dangerous in combat or driving situations.
  • Fatigue 600: You'll be warned every 10 turns ("You haven't slept in 2 days!")
  • Fatigue 800: You'll be warned ("Anywhere would be a good place to sleep...")
  • Fatigue 1000: Your character will sleep on their own. Fatigue will be reduced by 10 ("Survivor sleep now.")

Default value: 0


Default value: 500 | Min value: -- | Max value: --

Characters with the smelly trait will default to 800, and to 1200 with the very smelly mutation.

It will always try to normalize itself to the default level.

Scent always surrounds the player's character, and will leave a trail when he moves. Without the presence of the player, the scent eventually disappears.

The scent vision bionic will allow you to visualize your scent.

How does it decrease?
  • Closed doors and windows will reduce the scent leaked outside
  • Taping windows will reduce the scent leaked outside even more
  • Smoke (normal one, tear gas, toxic gas...) eliminates all the scent close to it, so use that to your advantage.
  • Rain reduces scent by one point per turn
  • The Olfactory Mask bionic can reduce your scent considerably
  • Certain mutations can effectively reduce or eliminate your scent, as you no longer smell like prey

Scent allows any creature able to smell to track player characters (check the creatures with the SMELLS flag in the enemies page).


Default value: 0 | Min value: -- | Max value: --

How does it increase? (Not a complete list)
  • Taking the flu shot
  • By regularly consuming vitamins (by far most significant source of health)
  • By eating healthy food and "healthy" meds (Non-drowsy cough syrup and Cough syrup)
  • Slowly builds up to 0 if negative
  • Certain mutations can boost health (for example, plant-like character standing barefoot on soil)
How does it decrease?
  • By doing drugs, drinking alcohol, consuming junk food (especially sugary or salty) - if it's unhealthy in real life, it probably also is in DDA
  • Slowly decreases to 0 if positive
  • Certain mutations, bionics (especially leaky bionic), traits and diseases (parasites) can drastically lower health in the long term
  • Makes you cough heavily (4 sound), gives you itchy veins and body aches.
  • Protects against common diseases
  • Affects regeneration during sleep - doubles at 100, completely negates at -100 (for a character with no regeneration-related traits and mutations).
  • Prevents bite wounds from turning into infected wounds
  • Particularly strong effects (some addictions) can directly lower health directly, bypassing the usual mechanic (see below)
Inner mechanics

Internally health is handled as two different variables: health and health modifier. Most effects change the modifier, which is capped at -200 and 200. Modifier slowly, semi-randomly influences actual health, always one point up or down, weighted towards equalizing health and modifier. Each time this change triggers modifier is multiplied by 3/4.

The actual health value is used for effects of health. Modifier doesn't directly influence any value other than health.

As a result, regularly consuming vitamins in small quantities (1 per ~14 hours) will work much better than med binges and occasional drug abuse will only result in serious health problems if it causes harmful addiction. Effects of bad health might not be noticeable until it is too late, when bad health stops all natural regeneration. Recovering from -100 health to 0 can easily take 4 weeks.

Using the Self-Aware mutation you can see your current health level. Using the [ mutations menu.


Default value: 100 | Min value: 25 | Max value: --

Moves, or move points, or movement points, determine the amount of actions you or any creature can perform in a turn (so, in six seconds).

Speed determines how many move points you start with each turn.

Base move cost is the final value where both speed and any possible modifier, be it positive or negative, is applied (such as traits, encumbrance, stim level, queued actions, etc).

Base move cost = Speed + Move modifiers

Note that you'll always perform actions first, then unfriendly creatures and, finally, friendly ones.

Performing Actions

Each action you perform during a turn reduces your available move points by the move cost of such action. Your turn will be over once you don't have any move points left. Any ongoing action will be paused and queued for the next turn.

Queued actions will be subtracted from the available move points of the next turn. Example: your base move cost is 100, and you perform an action that costs 110 points; you won't be able to finish the action this turn, so it will be queued to be finished the next turn, and the base move cost for that turn will be reduced by 10 (the extra moves that didn't fit in the previous turn).

Actions that take longer than one turn (refuelling vehicles, crafting, reading, sleeping, etc) can be interrupted at any time by pressing the wait (5 or .) key.

Running cost

When moving around (normally you walk, press " to really start running, which consumes stamina as well) you consume as many move points as the movement cost of the current terrain type to which you move. You can check that cost in-game by examining or far-looking at the tile you want to move to.


Spd 100  115

The speed will be green if above 100 and red if below that. Besides the speed value you'll find the move cost of your last action.


This value is calculated each turn, where the following bonus and penalties are applied:

  • Weight: when the weight carried is 25% higher than the weight capacity
  • Pain: when pain is higher than the potency of the consumed painkillers. This penalty is more severe if the difference is higher than 60
  • Painkillers: when the potency of the consumed painkillers is 10 or higher than the pain. More severe if it's higher than 30.
  • Morale: when morale bonus (morale level / 25) is below -10
  • Radiation: when radiation is 20 or higher. 40 or higher increases the penalty further
  • Thirst: when thirst is above 40
  • Hunger: when hunger is above 100
  • Sunlight dependent mutation: penalties relative to the current light level when not under sunlight
  • Cold blood mutation: when temperature is below 60F
  • Speed down artifact: 20 penalty points
  • Morale: when morale is higher than 100 there will be a bonus that can't be higher than 10.
  • Stimulants: Based on the potency of all stimulants taken. It can't be higher than 40.
  • Quick trait: gives a 10% bonus
  • Speed up artifact: 20 bonus points

Some diseases and status effects can also affect this value (usually negatively).

Move points can't be below 25 in any case.


Default value: 0 | Min value: -200 | Max value: 250

How does it increase?
How does it decrease?
  • Each turn it will lower by 1 point if the current stim level is higher than 0.

Your movement points, dexterity, intelligence and perception will increase based on the combined intensity of the consumed stimulants. These effects are lowered if your stim level is already equal or greater than 30. The bonus to your movement points can't be greater than 40, in any case.

Your fatigue will be reduced when consuming stimulants, the amount depending on the item's stim intensity. Your sleepiness will also be reduced when laying down to sleep, based on the current stim level. All this will allow you to stay awake for longer periods of time. If for some reason you want to sleep under this conditions you'll need to consume items that increase your fatigue first.

NPCs will fear players with stim levels greater than 20, which will, in turn, lower their trust. NPCs can also be affected by stimulants, if consumed.

You can die because of your stim level:

  • From a heart attack if your stim level is greater than 250 ("You have a sudden heart attack!").
  • Of apnea if it's lower than -200 ("Your breathing stops completely.").


Default value: 0

  • Can decrease stats if the pain level is too high!

How does it increase? (Not a complete list)

  • By taking damage from enemies
  • Walking over certain tiles such as rubble or fire
  • Diseases or conditions such as infected bite wounds
  • Failed implanting of bionics
  • Certain weather such as acid rain
  • Rapid physiological changes from mutation can be painful
  • Being overburdened (can easily result from strength being lowered due to pain)

How does it decrease?

  • Waiting for it to go down (Taking painkillers speeds up this process)
  • Using Bionics

(Certain mutations also speed up pain loss and resistance to pain)


Default value: 0 | Max value: 240

How does it increase?

How does it decrease?

  • If positive, it will decrease by 1 every 5 minutes
  • Addiction to painkillers (1 per turn at 25+ intensity, otherwise 1 per (100 - 4 * intensity) turns)


Subtracted from pain in pretty much every situation where pain is involved in any way.

Kills you instantly if you get it above 240.

Decreases speed, but less so than the pain it prevents would cause.

Maximum painkiller effect

  • aspirin - 15
  • codeine - 49
  • heroin - 92
  • morphine - 62
  • oxycodone - 62
  • poppy painkiller - 47
  • tramadol - 40


Default value: 0


Default value: 0


Default value: 0

Driving recoil


Default value: 0

Active mission

Default value: -1

In vehicle

Default value: false

This tracks whether or not you're in a vehicle. You may notice the UI changing to reflect vehicle stats, etc: hidden stat at work!  :-)

Style selected

Default value: "null"

XP pool

Default value: 0 | Max value: 800

This is an obsolete value: in Whales' Cataclysm and early versions of DDA, XP built over time and you sent it to develop skills. Since this led to rather non-intuitive gameplay, we scrapped it and replaced with the "Focus" mechanic, which achieves similar effects whilst avoiding the "you can't learn any more" and "you need to go practice skills now, you're wasting XP" problems of the XP pool.

Bottom line: if you have this, you've got an antique version. Keep it, but consider upgrading too!

Last item

Default value: itype_id("null")


Default value: false

Whether or not the character is presently underwater. This makes the character difficult to see for non-underwater critters, generally restricts sight, and makes oxygen an important thing.

Dodges left

Default value: 1

Generally, you can only Dodge one attack per turn. Some martial arts styles teach dodging, and can therefore grant bonus attempts to Dodge. Zui Quan is notorious for granting functionally unlimited dodges (40, actually) once you've scored a hit.

(That breaks down as dodging 5 attacks from each of the 8 surrounding tiles. If you're attacked more than 40 times in one turn without something like a shocker attack or other paralysis involved, let us know!)

Blocks left

Default value: 1

You can usually only block one attack per turn. Certain martial arts styles lend themselves to blocking, and permit additional blocks or can grant buff-effects that do. Check your character screen!

Power level

Default value: 0

Your power level is how much power you have at the moment, bionics gained from using a CBM use power

Max power level

Default value: 0

Your max power level defines how much power for bionics you can store at the moment