Inactive turret

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; inactive turret
Materials steel / plastic
Volume 12
Weight 1.507 kg
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (0 / 0)
Duration 0turns
Price 40 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 8
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit -3
 A tool. 

 An inactive turret. Using this item involves turning it on and placing it on the ground, where it will attach itself. The turret will then identify you as a friendly, and attack all enemies with an SMG. 

NOTE: In the release, a rare glitch can occur with a previously placed turret, when it is placed again and loaded, it'll spawn two turrets: One friendly with no ammo, and one hostile with the ammo inserted earlier. Boy, that sure was a fun thing to find out.