Integrated Toolset

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: Integrated Toolset
Item Browser Integrated Toolset CBM
Materials steel / plastic
Volume 10
Weight 2.041 kg
As a Bionic
Name Integrated Toolset
Difficulty 6
Toggled true
Price $ 8,000
Locations sewage_plant, mine_equipment, plumber_gear, bionics, bionics_common, bionics_sci
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 8
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 Implanted in your hands and fingers is a complete tool set - screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and heating elements. You can use this in place of many tools when crafting. 
This item is a Compact Bionics Module installed by activating the CBM item in your inventory. Installation has a medium chance of genetic damage, blood loss, or damage to existing bionics based on intelligence, electronics, first aid, mechanics, and the MD profession.

This is a passive CBM, can be toggled on and off, and can be viewed on the bionics menu (p). More details on bionics JSON flags here.
Found¹as a spawn in the Necropolis, spawn in sewage treatment, spawn in sarcophagi, spawn in science lab, spawn in science lab, spawn in mine, spawn in hardware store, in a 1% drop from zombie scientist, spawn in labs, as a spawn in the Necropolis, in a chance from butchering a shocker zombie corpse, spawn in hospital, spawn in labs, as a spawn in the Necropolis, in a chance from butchering a zombie scientist corpse, and nowhere else.

Can be removed by having a cutting tool, a first aid kit, and accessing the bionics menu (p). Some bionics can also be disassembled (() to obtain burnt out bionics if you have a soldering iron (20) OR integrated toolset (20), 1 tool with screw driving quality of 1, and the electronics (7) and first aid (5) skill required.

1. ^ Sometimes found in different spawn locations in one map section.


  • The Integrated Toolset bionic allows the user to craft items without the need of most tools. This includes tools with charges, like hotplates, soldering irons and welders. Note that it does not replace most of the tools used in constructions, but it is very helpful with vehicle modification (replace all three tools, especially the rare welder/acetylene torch). A soldering iron will still be needed to repair/fit items made from kevlar, metal and plastic.
  • Due to the welding part of this CBM, this can be used to light certain explosives and use certain consumables (cigarettes, marijuana).
  • Although the Integrated Toolset can be used for butchering, it is extremely poor at this purpose. The Adamantium Claws bionic is much more effective, if available.
  • An Integrated Toolset powered by the Battery System bionic has the same power costs as tools powered by conventional batteries.
  • Activate this bionic to toggle its use in crafting on/off.
  • For a list of all the tools and tool levels of this bionic, look at this item (stable) or this (development)