Knife spear

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/ knife spear
Item Browser knife spear
Materials wood / steel
Volume 6
Weight 1.6 kg
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (0 / 0)
Duration 0turns
Price 1.4 $
Use Action KNIFE
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 2
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 1
Techniques WBLOCK_1, RAPID
 A simple wood pole made deadlier by the blade tied to it. 


The knife spear takes some time to make but is entirely doable for early survivors. You can find the recipe under weapons in the crafting menu (&).

Begin by finding a heavy stick, easily obtained in a forest or by smashing apart a window. A window will also provide you with string and a sheet. Cut the sheet into rags.

  • To cut the sheet up you might need to make a Makeshift knife. You can disassemble the long string from the curtains, or find some withered plants from searching undergrowth; then make a spike for the knife.

You must then make a spike for the tip (found under misc. in the crafting menu).

Pick up a rock from outside and smash a locker or two to gain 9 scrap metal or 3 chunk of steel. Use the rock as your improvised hammer to crank out a twisted, metal spike.

Once you have obtained all four components you can then fashion a knife spear. Unfortunately you won't be able to hold all components in your inventory so it is best to leave them in a pile or have each accessible in a square adjacent to you.

This weapon has 16 pierce dmg, and 2 bash. It can make reach attacks (2 range)