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Overmap is the world map, what you see when you hit the m key, it is essentially endless and can be limited only by external means. Character can see five tiles on the overmap in any direction, binoculars double that distance, but some structures still obstruct range of view.

Each overmap tile (e.g. house, crossroad, forest) equates to a single tinymap, or 24x24 player-size tiles. Tinymap is not really used in the code much, but it is available because it is more efficient than a map.

Map is 156x156 player-size tiles and used in normal gameplay; the game has a map m, which is the area which is considered "in-play," inside which monsters, fields, traps, etc. will be processed. Other than their respective sizes, map and tinymap are completely identical.

Both tinymap and map are formed of an array of submaps. A submap is 12x12 player-sized tiles, and also keeps track of any fields, items, traps, and computers in that area. Tinymap is made up of 2x2 submaps; map is made up of 13x13 submaps.

Overmap legend


Wilderness tiles need some distance from a town to spawn. So if certain locations, like the LMOE shelter, or labs don't show up, the world settings have too large cities and too little space between them.

Map tiles usually found outside towns.

Name SC Extras

. field 2 field
F forest 3 field
F swamp 4 field
H highway 2 road
┘┐┌└├┤┴┬│─┼ road 2 road
|- bridge 2 road
R river 1
R river bank 1
C cabin 5 building
O dirt lot 1 field
^ farm 5 building
# farm field 5 building
p prison 5
M mansion 5 building
F FEMA camp 5 building
+ LMOE shelter 2
L science lab 5
P nuclear plant 5
B military bunker 2
M military outpost 2 building
0 missile silo 2
T strange temple 5
P sewage treatment 5
M mine entrance 5
O mine shaft 5
M mine 2
@ spiral cavern 2
D toxic waste dump 2
X hazardous waste sarcophagus 5 none
C cave 2 field
C rat cave 2
8 bee hive 3 field
T fungal bloom 2 field
0 cavern 5
% anthill 2
~ slime pit 2
T triffid grove 5
% solid rock 5
^ rift 2
^ hellmouth 2
┘┐┌└├┤┴┬│─┼ ant tunnel 5
O ant food storage 5
O ant larva chamber 5
O ant queen chamber 5


Map tiles usually found in or next to towns.

Name SC Extras

O crater 2 field
^>v< house 5 building
O parking lot 1 building
O park 2 building
O pool 2
^>v< gas station 5 building
^>v< pharmacy 5 building
^>v< office 5 building
A apartment tower 5 building
Tt office tower 5 building
p tower parking 5 building
C church 5 building
C cathedral 5

A large stone structure with numerous stained glass windows. Before the dark days, Cathedrals were a place of worship and community. You will find them in a town or city. There are numerous entrances and exits.

Cathedrals have an above ground worship area that consists of an entry way, a large room with numerous wooden pews. The pews are separated from the altar by metal railings. On the altar you will usually find some braziers. However, you may find that the worship that occurred here may not have been entirely benevolent.

The cathedral basement is a meeting area with two sets of restrooms, two classrooms, and a kitchen. Before the days became truly dark, Cathedrals were used as shelters and you will find a number of beds, and a well-appointed kitchen and dining areas. There is probably a broken console.

The structure take up 4 tiles. If you can clear it and keep it defended, it might make a good home base.

C cathedral basement 5

In the basement of a Cathedral you will find a meeting area with two sets of restrooms, two classrooms, and a kitchen. Before the days became truly dark, Cathedrals were used as shelters and you will find a number of beds, and a well-appointed kitchen and dining areas. There is probably a broken console.

Behind a storage area on the North edge of the basement is a locked wooden door leading to a dank, dark, secret worship altar. There are two lifeless bodies wandering about here that are clearly tortured souls. These bodies will not hurt you, and you need not kill them. On the secret altar is a small relic that might be useful in some NPC quests.

There are four entrances, two from the inside of the cathedral, and two from outside.

^>v< grocery store 5 building
^>v< hardware store 5 building
^>v< electronics store 5 building
^>v< sporting goods store 5 building
^>v< liquor store 5 building
^>v< gun store 5 building
^>v< clothing store 5 building
^>v< library 5 building
^>v< restaurant 5 building
^>v< fast food restaurant 5 building
^>v< coffee shop 5 building
S subway station 5 subway
O garage 5 building
^>v< police station 5 building
^>v< bank 5
^>v< bar 5 building
^>v< pawn shop 5 building
^>v< mil. surplus 5 building
^>v< furniture store 5 building
^>v< abandoned storefront 5 building
M megastore 5 building
H hospital 5 building
Ww public works 5
s regional school 5
h hotel parking 5
H hotel entrance 5
H hotel tower 5
B hotel basement 5
X radio station 5 building
+ evac shelter 2
X radio tower 2
O basement 5
┘┐┌└├┤┴┬│─┼ subway 5 subway
┘┐┌└├┤┴┬│─┼ sewer 5
O tutorial room 5

Map extras

  • Helicopter crash site May contains uncommon bionics, or random guns, or items from dead soldier or scientist.
  • Dead military squad 2d6 bodies with military equipment, sometimes ID card, and some rare items.
  • Dead scientists 2d5 bodies with scientific equipment, always ID cards, and some rare items.
  • Stash, rounded with traps Trash, wood, drugs, food, ammo, or rare items.
  • Dead drug-dealers 2x3d3 bodies, sometimes with melee weapons or firearms, and always lots of heroin, meth, cocaine, or weed.
  • Supply drop 1-5 locked crates with military food, grenades, armor, and rifles.
  • Portal, surrounded by rubble Spawn of 0-4 random nether monsters.
  • Minefield Beware of dirt mounds! Look for the signs warning of the minefield.
  • Wolf pack Spawn of 3-6 beasts.
  • Puddle of shallow water
  • Crater (these differ from regular ones - they are always highly radioactive)
  • Fumarole (some lava on the surface)
  • One-way portal from Nether world Marloss, and sometimes gelatinous blobs, flaming eyes, krecks, and blank bodies.
  • Anomaly with natural artifact and traps, which are related to its effects.

Chances of appearance by extras flag:

road 50 40 50 120 200 30 10 5 80 20 200 10 8 2 3
field 60 40 15 40 80 10 10 3 50 30 300 10 8 1 3
subway 75 0 5 12 5 5 0 7 0 0 120 0 20 1 3
building 90 0 5 12 0 10 0 5 5 0 0 60 8 1 3

Chances are relative to each other; e.g. a 200 chance is twice as likely as a 100 chance to appear.