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Firearms are divided into different types with each corresponding to a specific skill as well as the Firearms skill. The categories are handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, launchers (includes grenade launchers and rocket launchers), and archery (includes bows and crossbows).

The four first categories can be modified. The effectiveness of all firearms heavily depends on the type of the used ammunition.

Note that if you shoot through a tile with destructible items, it has a certain chance to destroy them.


Each firearm has the following properties:

  • Damage Bonus*
  • AP Bonus*
  • Range Bonus*
  • Dispersion* indicates how accurate the fired ammunition is. Higher values mean it may drift off away from its target after being fired.
  • Sight Dispersion similar to above, but only for firearms.
  • Aim Speed cost of improving aim or amount of turns before acquiring a fully aimed shot
  • Recoil Bonus*
  • Ammunition
  • Clip size
  • Reloading time of firearms is affected by skill level, each skill level adds 7.5% to bonus modifier. Maximal modifier is 75%. Resulting time cannot be lower than 25 moving points, then hands encumberment penalty added. Reloading is interrupt able activity.
    • Unloading time is a half of reloading time, and full clip is unloaded in one action. Unloading is a non-interrupt able activity. You can shift + Unload weapons by standing next to them.

Note that those marked with "*" are values which are summed up with respect to those of the ammunition used.


When aiming a firearm, the menu shows two main "Confidence" and "Steadiness" bars. The former reflects how well your character has aimed, thus max would mean they have done so to the best of their abilities while the latter is the chance to hit. Asterisks indicate headshot chance, pluses for good hits and dashes for regular.

Various options are available rather than firing immediately (shooting from the hip). Pressing . allows you to pass turns while your confidence increases. Similarly "a", "c" and "p" indicate aimed shot, careful shot and precise shot and will spend an increasing amount of turns before firing.

Item Browser

The Item Browser has an index of Ranged weapons.

Color labeling

Firearms can have various colors:

  • a green firearm means the firearm has available ammo, or a filled clip/magazine, in inventory.
  • a red firearm means the firearm has no filled clip/magazine, but there is an empty clip/magazine available in inventory.
  • a gray firearm no ammo or clip in inventory.

The colors might slightly vary if the weapon accepts both loose cartridges and clips.

Magazine color labeling

  • a green magazine valid firearm in inventory, and valid ammo in inventory.
  • a red magazine valid gun in inventory, or ammo in inventory but no gun.
  • a gray magazine no ammo for the magazine.

Ammo color labeling

  • a green ammo valid firearm in inventory.
  • a red ammo valid magazine in inventory.
  • a gray ammo no clip or weapon for this ammo in inventory.