Sewing kit

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, sewing kit
Materials plastic / iron
Volume 2
Weight 85 gr
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (50 / 200)
Duration 0turns
Price 1.2 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg -3
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit -1
 A tool. 

 Use a sewing kit on an article of clothing to attempt to repair or reinforce that clothing. This uses your tailoring skill. 

Repairing shredded/tattered clothing, as well as reinforcing clothing, will also require rags or leather patches, depending on the garment. It can also be used to improve a piece of clothing's fit; though this may prompt you to have the extra material available, it does not actually use rags or leather. This uses your tailoring skill.

Quite commonly found in houses, these are necessary for repairing damaged clothing and sewing new clothing. Low-level tailors will damage or destroy clothing when attempting a repair, especially when faced with badly damaged or complex clothing. Practice on your hoodie or bandana before working on that belt rig or under armor, please! Tailors of higher skill will use less thread.

Refilled with either sinew, plant fibre or thread.

Sewing kits are completely interchangeable with the bone needle, except when crafting sheet.

For gear and clothing made of kevlar, metal or plastic, use soldering iron instead.