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You can modify a total of four Stats, each one of them is unique and will help change certain aspects such as player HP, damage, maximum weight that he/she can carry etc.

For all stats, minimal values are 4 and increasing values above 14 will cost 2 points instead of 1! 14 is considered to be very high, the max human value. Players can go higher, but those values should be considered exceptionally high.

At the default value of 8 the bonuses are the following:

Strength 8 Dexterity 8 Intelligence 8 Perception 8
  • Base HP: 84
  • Carry Weight: 170lbs (45kg)
  • Melee Damage: 4
  • Melee to-hit bonus: +5
  • Throwing Bonus: 0
  • Ranged Penalty: -60
  • Reading Time: 100%
  • Skill Rust: 50%
  • Ranged Penalty: -60
Note that the starting values are 8. Below that the points you receive may not follow the formulas below.
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Perception
  • Each point increases your HP by 3.
  • Each point increases your Carry Weight by 9lbs. (4kg)
  • Every 2 points increase your Melee Damage by 1.

Strength also makes you more resistant to many diseases and poisons, and makes actions which require brute force (pushing heavy stuff, bashing down furniture and walls) more effective.

Detailed Strength Effects

  • Every 2 points increase your Melee to-hit bonus by 1.
  • Every point above 9 (10, 11, etc.) increases your throwing bonus by 1.
  • Each point decreases your Ranged Penalty by 15. It cannot be brought above zero.

Dexterity also enhances many actions which require finesse, such as dodging, martial arts special attacks and bonus attacks granted by mutations.

Detailed Dexterity Effects

  • Each point decreases your Read Times by 5%.
  • Each point decreases you Skill Rust by 3.5% (rounded up).

Intelligence is also used when crafting, installing bionics, and interacting with NPCs. Advanced books also have intelligence requirement. Not meeting this requirement significantly increases reading time.

Detailed Intelligence Effects

  • Each point decreases your Ranged Penalty by 15. It cannot be brought above zero.

Perception is also used for detecting traps and other things of interest

Detailed Perception Effects

Hidden Stats

There are also various hidden stats, you cannot directly influence them during character creation, but they do have an effect.

See the Hidden stats page for more information.