Tank top

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[ tank top
Materials cotton
Encumbrance 0
Volume 1
Weight 113 gr
Warmth 0
Storage 0
Coverage 60%
Covers torso
Bash Protect 1.5
Cut Protect 1.5
Envir Protect 0
Acid Protect 9
Price 7.5 $
As a Weapon
Bash Dmg -5
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 A sleeveless cotton shirt. Very easy to move in. 

This is a very light clothing item made of cotton which covers 60% of your torso, and which has no storage capacity. It barely occupies any space, doesn't encumber you at allencumbers you a bit, and will not warm you at all.

It offers extremely low protection against bashing attacks and extremely low protection against cutting ones (that includes bullets), while offering no protection from environmental hazards .

It can be made to fit the character's body via tailoring or mechanics, reduces the morale hit when getting wet (and can even transform it into morale bonus).

This clothing item can be repaired, fitted (if appropriate) and reinforced via the tailoring skill, by using a sewing kit or bone needle and rags.


It can be disassembled into 5 rags.