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; tent
Materials plastic / aluminum
Volume 10
Weight 1.133 kg
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (0 / 0)
Duration 0turns
Price 0.65 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 4
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit -3
 A tool. 

 A small tent, just big enough to fit a person comfortably. 

The tent is a reusable tool that creates a shelter when deployed by the player. When inside the tent a player is protected from acid rain, animals, and blobs. Large and aggressive animals like bears or zombies can take down a tent (more research needed on this subject). The player must close the canvas flap to gain protection from animals or blobs. A tent may be used in conjunction with a rollmat.

This item may be useful to carry over long trips due to the protection it provides from various elements and the semi-secure fashion in which a player character can sleep.

To deploy the tent the player must first activate the item and then select an open 3x3 area. After deployment the tent can be repacked by examining the center tile to pack it back again.