Two-way radio

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; two-way radio
Materials plastic / iron
Volume 2
Weight 431 gr
As a Tool
Ammo (start/max) (100 / 100)
Ammo Type batteries
Duration 0turns
Price 8 $
As a Melee Weapon
Bash Dmg 10
Cut Dmg 0
To Hit 0
 Using this allows you to send out a signal; either a general SOS, or if you are in contact with a faction, to send a direct call to them. 


While intended to allow the player to contact factions and NPCs for help, with more features being considered in the future, the two-way radio is (as of 0.B (Brin)) a rather boring object. Even with NPCs enabled, the item currently has no useful functionality, and is best disassembled or bartered with. This will almost certainly change in a future update, however, at which point the item may become desirable or even invaluable to the player.


activating a two-way radio will expend one unit of the batteries loaded into it and then bring up a menu:

1: Radio a faction for help...
2: Call Acquaintance...
3: General S.O.S.
0: Cancel

Choosing to Radio a faction for help (move cost:300) will bring up the list of known factions (similar to #), from which you can choose which to ask for help (unless you don't know any). The game will then check the nature of the faction and your relationship with it to determine whether they will send an NPC to help you. Notes on how this is determined can be seen on the Discussion page, but at this point in time it doesn't really matter, as help will never be sent - the necessary event is temporarily disabled. Whether the request is successful or not, you will likely lose a small amount of Respect from that faction (and some Ranking as well if it succeeded).

Choosing to Call Acquaintance does nothing at this point in time.

Choosing to send out a General S.O.S. (move cost:150) will cause the game to look for a nearby NPC whose disposition about your value is at least moderately positive (op_of_u.value higher than 4). Note that currently any nearby NPC who fits these criteria (range and opinion) actually has a chance to respond, even if they are a follower standing right next to you or a hostile survivor spraying you with gunfire at that very moment. When used in cramped underground areas such as LMOE shelters, you might even get replies from NPCs who have spawned inside solid rock ghosts. However, the result is once again rather irrelevant, as the code necessary for the NPC to actually come to your aid seems to be broken/disabled.