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Volume denotes the amount of space an item occupies when being carried by a player's character. Unlike weight, where you can exceed the stated maximum carried weight, the total volume of the carried items cannot exceed that of the available storage space beyond a small margin. When picking an item that exceeds that limit you'll be asked to drop another one first (usually the one carried on the hands). One unit of volume equals to 250 ml, 8 fl oz or 0.22 quart.

Items carried in your hands are not included in the player's storage volume. This will be the only way you can move items bigger than your character's storage space(55 gallon(800 volume) drums for instance).

Most medications and drugs take up 0 volume. They weigh almost nothing as well. You should always try to grab these(even the seemingly useless vitamins) since you'll always have room, and they're quite useful for crafting later in the game.

Ground tiles can hold 4000 volume before being filled. Items dropped on a full ground tile will be automatically moved to an adjacent tile(east). Some pieces of furniture can hold even more volume.

Characters with the hoarder trait will suffer morale penalties when they are not carrying enough items to reach the maximum allowed volume.